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When launching Emboo River, we went all in on sustainability and did not want to take short cuts.

While we were often told that our full eco vision was impossible, too big, too expensive or too slow, we ignored that advise.

Instead, we surrounded ourselves with likeminded people who are innovators in their fields.

In partnership with them, we assessed every aspect of our operations and implemented conscious solutions

that help us to elevate our business, stand out with a unique product that offers added value to our guests, save money and get a return on our investment, empower our community and restore our environment.

Through trial and error, we perfected the Closed Loop System that makes Emboo River's sustainable operations a success.

This Closed Loop System can help YOU elevate your own business, project or lifestyle.


We are honoured to help you step up your eco game.

- Valery and Loïc

Directors and owners of Emboo River



Emboo River's eco vision can be implemented in any setting, including yours. 

Whether you want sustainable operations to be implemented at your school, home, off grid hotel, city based tech hub or elsewhere, Emboo River offers a tailor made solution for you.


On the basis of your needs and wishes, Emboo River offers advice on how to apply innovation and technology that works for you.


Emboo River wants your sustainable set up to be a success.


In order to measure the positive impact, Emboo River generate data throughout the project to analyse the positive impact on your home, budget, community, environment and other targets.


With a team of trained experts and as a distributor for eco solutions, Emboo River offers you hands on help.

Emboo River implements,  manages and tracks your project.


You are starting from scratch or you already have a foundation to start from?

Emboo River helps you reach a next level.


The Emboo River team is here for you.

Emboo River answers questions, conducts follow up visits and helps you to opitimize your sustainable set up . 

Connect with and learn from other businesses who are all bringing their sustainable set up to the next level.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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