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Emboo River is located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

The Maasai Mara is an important ecosystem full of wildlife, grasslands, forests, rivers and communities.


For many years, this area has been under pressure because of climate change, development which does not take the conservation of nature into consideration and other reasons.

In order to restore this ecosystem, action is needed. 

That's why  Emboo River rethought every aspect of the safari experience.
We questioned the status quo and applied innovation and technology to the tourism space.

Our holistic approach to sustainability can been seen in action at  Emboo River's Innovation Hub in Kenya.

Emboo River's Innovation Hub was created in order to spark conversation and share advice with guests, governments, business leaders, schools and community organisations.

While Emboo River is proud to lead the way to sustainability, it is essential that all actors in the tourism sector and beyond follow a sustainable approach in order to conserve our planet for generations to come. 

“Emboo River started as a passion project and it quickly became a catalyst for change in how people see the world.

We often say that Emboo River is a sustainability company that - today - happens to be in hospitality, but will take so many different dimensions in the future.

We are currently expanding Emboo River’s hospitality footprint across the region growing our sustainable consultancy projects and are supporting projects across Africa that mitigate or adapt to climate change via our impact investment arm, Ambo Ventures.

What drives the Emboo River team is to inspire and lead change in order to tackle the climate crisis.

We're very excited about the future.”

- Loic Amado, co-founder of Emboo River

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