Emboo River is located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

The Maasai Mara is an important ecosystem full of wildlife, grasslands, forests and rivers. When exploring the Maasai Mara, every day brings new adventures and the things you see take your breath away.  


For many years the wildlife, rivers, forests and communities in this area have been under pressure because of many reasons, including the illegal exploitation of and trade in natural resources such as ivory and charcoal and the push for development which does not take the conservation of nature into consideration. 

Emboo River rethought every aspect of the safari experience.
We questioned the status quo, applied innovation and technology and partnered with passionate people.


Emboo River offers guests a unique safari experience that is luxurious, relaxing, educational
as well as fully eco friendly, sustainable and community focused.

Our holistic approach to sustainability is captured in Emboo River's Closed Loop System.

Everything Emboo River needs to operate revolves around local elements and renewable sources, such as local wetland plants that filter waste water and solar power to charge the electric safari vehicles.

Thanks to this holistic approach towards sustainability, every part of Emboo River is guided by a commitment to do right for the community and the environment.

The Closed Loop System revolves around different topics: Water management;  Renewable energy; Electric safari vehicles; Farm to fork meals; Clean environment; and Community engagement.

Want to learn more? Click on the below pages, read it all in our Vision Report or visit

Emboo River's Innovation Hub

While we are proud to lead the way to sustainability, it is essential that all actors in the tourism sector and beyond follow a sustainable approach in order to conserve our planet for generations to come.

Lodge managers, government actors, wildlife conservationists, community leaders,  tour operators,  schools and others visit Emboo River to feel inspired, learn about our ecosystem and receive a roadmap on how to develop your own Closed Loop business, community centre or daily lifestyle.

Electric Vehicles
Solar Power
Water Filtration
Eco Tour
Tree Planting
Our Vision Report
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