Emboo River partners with the local organisation Friends of the Mara on several community projects.

One of these projects is called "Enkare Sidai" and is operated by 'Kimelok Women'.

'Kimelok Women' is the first all-women run water distribution enterprise in Kenya and provides purified disease-free water to villages and local businesses, while generating vital financial resources for women. Thanks to this project, women do not need to gather water from contaminated rivers and ponds in areas where they could encounter wild animals.


'Enkare Sidai' means "purified water" and is the brand name of the bottled water the women are selling.

The water is purified by the SunSpring ultrafiltration system and generates 20,000 liters of purified water per day.

Learn more about Friends of the Mara and their partnership with Emboo River
via the below video.