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Go on a Game Drive to see your favorite animals & enjoy nature, while listening to the sounds of nature, smelling the scents of the savannah and causing no pollution!

Emboo River is proud to have the first and only Electric Safari Vehicles in the Maasai Mara
The Electric Safari Vehicles are silent, 100% solar powered, can take our guests on full day game drives and are more powerful than its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) version.

In Nairobi, the company Opibus converted the above Land Cruisers from the 1990s into Electric Vehicles (EVs) by removing the ICE and the gear box and replacing them with an electric engine, batteries and a touch screen. Every vehicle has a battery capacity of 35 kilo watt hours. 


The carbon dioxide emission during use is zero, which is very important. As UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J Mohammed said after recently riding in the electric safari vehicle:
9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air. It's really now that we need to take action.". The standard Land Cruiser and Defender safari vehicles, however, emit more than 350 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.


When going more into detail on the sustainability of EVs it is relevant to look at the entire lifespan of the EVs.  The production and recycling processes could cause carbon dioxide emission depending on the type of power grid used by the producer or recycler.  In a clean electrical grid, such as in Kenya which relies a lot on renewable energy, the emissions from production and recycling are only 1⁄2 - 1⁄3 of the net lifecycle emissions of an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.


Another important part of the production process of EVs are the batteries. Emboo River's EVs' batteries do not contain “rare-earth metals”. Instead the batteries include Lithium Iron Phosphate cells.

Below videos shows our vehicles in action!



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