Get ready for Emboo River's Game Drives which take you on adventures through the Maasai Mara and allow you to spot so many animals (Hello Big 5! Jambo Big 20!) and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Below are pictures taken by Emboo River's guests.

Your Game Drives will be unforgettable and here are a few reasons why:

  • Game Drives start as soon as you jump into your safari vehicle, because Emboo River is located in the middle of nature. There are animals all around the camp and you do not loose time driving towards wildlife. Our central location in the Maasai Mara National Reserve allows you to see it all! 

  • The Maasai Mara is known for its abundance in wildlife. Wildlife to be spotted includes the well known Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo) as well as Emboo River's Big 20! We created this Big 20 list (click here) to draw guests' attention to many other unique and interesting animals within the Maasai Mara. We invite guests to expand their focus and be fascinated by the variety and wonders which our unique ecosystem has to offer.

    To see some of these beautiful animals, you do not need to go far as some regularly return to the camp:

    • Leopards and cheetahs are spotted daily around the camp. The famous leopard Bella used to sleep in a big fig tree within Emboo River. BBC's Big Cat Diaries stayed with us when filming Bella and her cubs.

    • Elephants also like to visit the camp at night.

    • Hyenas can be heard laughing at night as they roam around the camp.

    • Hippos enjoy bathing in the river and might be right in front of your room or just around the river bend.

    • A resident dik dik might cross your path during the day, on its way to our tree nursery where it likes to eat our saplings. 

  • Your Game Drives can take place throughout the day. Emboo River is a boutique lodge, which allows us to offer you a tailored experience. We are flexible regarding the timing for Game Drives, though most guests prefer early morning and late afternoon drives.

  • What better way to explore the Maasai Mara than in our Electric Safari Vehicles! The vehicles offer a unique way to explore the Maasai Mara and heighten your chances to see wildlife without other cars in the area. The vehicles are solar powered, silent, have no exhaust fumes and do not disturb wildlife. You will get close to animals while enjoying the scents of nature and listening to the sounds of the savannahYou want to see our Electric Safari Vehicles in motion? You want to know how our system works? Click here

    Recently, guests went on a game drive when the guide heard a soft roar in the distance ...  the sound would normally not be heard over a standard engine. The guide drove towards the sound & found a leopard with cubs in the bushes. The guests enjoyed a private viewing of these beautiful animals.


  • Our Maasai Guiding team is led by Emboo River's Manager, William Santian who is a top guide in the Maasai Mara and teaches at Guiding School. Emboo River's guides are excellent trackers and they are instructed to avoid crowded areas, so guests can enjoy intimate moments in nature.