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This is not a safari; it’s the start of something legendary. 

Once upon a time, safaris were all about the chase, the trophy, the snapshot. But as the world spun on, we realized the real magic wasn’t in capturing the wild but in connecting with it. At Emboo, we’re ushering in the next big scene in this adventure, one where it’s not about dominating nature, but being part of its rhythm.


Here in the heart of the Maasai Mara, Emboo is more than a backdrop; it’s a whole new way to feel as close as possible with nature. Let’s dive deep into the real, raw, untouched world, far from the growl of engines and closer to the heartbeat of the earth. It’s about moments that stick with you… The lion’s roar at sunset, watching a baby elephant trying to figure out its trunk and the shared laughter because of it. It’s about the stories shared around a fire, feeling the pulse of tribal chants and enjoying a heartily prepared dinner under a blanket of stars.


In a world buzzing with ‘eco’ this and ‘sustainable’ that, Emboo stands out by not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Sustainability? For us, it’s the air we breathe, the ground we tread on, and the legacy we’re building. It’s in the silent whisper of our electric rides through the savannah, in our farm-to-fork feasts, and in every interaction that leaves the land a bit brighter, a bit wilder.


Emboo is about kicking back, letting loose, and soaking in the luxury of the untouched and untamed. It’s where you’re not just a guest but a part of something bigger: a community that’s shaping the future of travel. Here, luxury isn’t about glitter and gold; it’s in the authenticity of the experience, the warmth of the welcome, and the thrill of discovery.

We’re here to blaze a trail for the new generation of explorers, crafting journeys that don’t just pass through but touch both soul and soil. 


If you’re about making memories that matter, if you’re ready to join a movement that’s about fun, discovery, and caring for our beautiful blue planet, Emboo is your call to adventure.


This is not a safari; it’s the start of something legendary. 


Emboo, welcome to our tribe. 

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Are we the generation that saw a climate crisis and did nothing?
Or are we a generation that did everything in its power to end climate change?

Emboo River created something unique in the Maasai Mara.

Whether you want to call us carbon neutral, regenerative or sustainable.
Most of all… we are pioneers.

 See us in action in this video.



At Emboo River we treasure that all our guests are unique. We tailor your safari according to your wishes.

Do you feel like going for a full day game drive or you prefer to sleep in?
You want to start the day with a
Hot Air Balloon safari or a breakfast in the bush?

The Emboo River team is doing its utmost to make sure that you enjoy a magical and unforgettable safari.

Here are some travel itineraries to give you inspiration.

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You are longing to travel, to surround yourself with nature AND to have a positive impact on nature and our community? 

Emboo River has what you need!

Emboo River is the first lodge to go all in on sustainability. Through innovation and technology, Emboo River applies a unique "Closed Loop System" and creates carbon negative safaris. 

Our unique set up allows you to travel and leave nothing but footprints behind.

Let's break this down to some numbers.




Explore the Maasai Mara during magical game drives, enjoy delicious meals, jump into the swimming pool, relax during a spa treatment, get energised in the gym, explore the Maasai Mara on foot, horseback or from a hot air balloon, ... or do nothing and enjoy the silence.

Here are just a few of the activities that we offer.


Emboo River Leopard Electric Vehicle August 2021 - Sasha Juliard 1.jpg.jpg

Glide silently through the Maasai Mara, enjoy the scents of the grass and get close to animals without disturbing them.

Emboo River Photography Safari.jpg

Emboo River's silent safaris increase your sighting opportunities.

Sundowner drinks

Emboo River's Dawa cocktail is world renowned.

Emboo River dinner under the stars_edite

Enjoy farm to fork meals from Emboo River's hydroponic garden.

Electric Safari Vehicle Charging

Get a look behind the scenes and learn how YOU are supporting our sustainable operations.

Emboo River Swimming Pool

A pool with zero chemicals...


Now that's refreshing!

Emboo River Treeplanting.jpg

Leave your mark.
Plant an indigenous tree.

Emboo River Spa.jpg

Relax in Emboo River's spa or up your energy level in the gym.


Kenya Map.png

Here is Kenya ...

Here is Kenya ...

... here is the
Maasai Mara ...

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 5.39.54 PM.png

... and here is Emboo River!


You can reach Emboo River via road or flight!

You can just sit back and relax

because we are happy to arrange your transport!

Just ask us

when making your booking or send a message via our contact form or directly to


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