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Emboo River featured in The Sunday Times UK 2021.png

The Times

"experience is totally different than a normal safari"

September 2021

Reuters Africa feature Emboo River August 2021.png


" an electric [engine] that eliminates the rumbling noise and, just as importantly, reduces the emission of diesel fumes"

August 2021

Emboo River in Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure

"the only Mara safari camp that has so far gone all-electric with its fleet."

April 2021

African Insider Media on Emboo River.png

The African Insider

"add to your wander-list for 2021"

December 2020

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Eco Tourism Kenya

"innovation and technology is harnessed to tackle the environmental challenges"
January 2020

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 12.32.28 PM.pn

UA Magazine

"electric safari cars, powered by 80m2 of solar panels - no noise or exhaust fumes."

December 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 12.54.55 PM.pn

Explore Africa

"A complete eco-friendly stay in the Maasai Mara"

October 2019

Bloomberg Emboo River feature September 2021..png


"We've been using these to tow stuck diesel vehicles out of the water"

September 2021

Emboo River on Reuters August 2021...png


"A new breed of safari vehicle"

August 2021

Emboo River Most Transparent Tourism Des

Financial Fortune

"Most Transparent Tourism Destination"

April 2021

Live to Travel - Glamping and Beach Safa

Live To Travel

"Eco-Glamping in the wilderness"

March 2020

Gazet van Antwerpen.jpeg

Gazet van Antwerpen

"The success of Emboo River is not going unnoticed"

January 2020


The EastAfrican

"A Mara lodge has gone green"

October 2019

Timbuktu Travel partnership Emboo River.

Timbuktu Travel

Behind the scenes at Emboo River.

July 2019

Nomad Magazine Emboo River feature September 2021.png

Nomad Magazine

"the Mara's first Electric Safari vehicles"

September 2021

Reuters feature Emboo River August 2021.png


"vehicles are running on sunshine"

August 2021

The Star Emboo River leading sustainable

The Star

"what the future of the safari industry must inevitably look like "

March 2021

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 4.51.49 PM.png

Travel Noire

"Their dedication to environmental conservation is unrivaled in the Maasai Mara."
January 2020

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 2.03.41 PM.png

Nomad's Hot List

"rethinking every aspect of the safari experience"

December 2019


See Africa Today

"Emboo River, Maasai Mara's Eco Lodge"

October 2019

Nomad Magazine Emboo River feature page

Nomad Magazine

"A luxurious eco lodge"

August 2019




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