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"NEW YORK - Regenerative Travel, a benefit corporation and a collection of independent hotels and lodges committed to regenerative hospitality, announce four new additions to the Regenerative Hotels community. The new hotel members – Basata Ecolodge in South Sinai, Egypt; Emboo River in the Maasai Mara National Reserve,"
September 2022



"After a day out on Safari, eating dinner under the stars and spending time afterwards by a roaring camp fire is an experience not to be missed. The stars gleamed brightly,"
August 2022


"Emissions out of Emboo's direct control: Examples of this are food sourcing and the transport that guests use to reach the camp. With its new hydroponic vertical garden, Emboo aims to grow 100 per cent of its fresh food very soon. To offset the emissions..."

July 2022

Emboo River Lion yawn.jpg

"Emboo River was the first East African operator to have a full fleet of electric vehicles available to guests. The silent 4x4s are fully solar powered and are equipped to take guests on full-day drives throughout the pristine surroundings."

July 2022

Women trailblazing in Maasai Mara.png

Women Trailblazing in the Maasai Mara
March 2022

Into East Africa Emboo River..png

"Das Emboo River Camp ist als die erste vollständig energieautarke Öko-Lodge in der Maasai Mara in Bezug auf Nachhaltigkeit ohnehin schon exzellent aufgestellt."

December 2021

GGTN CCTV Emboo River leading carbon neutral businesses.jpeg

"see how the Maasai Mara National Reserve copes with carbon emissions."

October 2021

Bloomberg Emboo River feature September 2021..png


"We've been using these to tow stuck diesel vehicles out of the water"

September 2021

Emboo River on Reuters August 2021...png


"A new breed of safari vehicle"

August 2021

Emboo River Most Transparent Tourism Des

Financial Fortune

"Most Transparent Tourism Destination"

April 2021

Live to Travel - Glamping and Beach Safa

Live To Travel

"Eco-Glamping in the wilderness"

March 2020

Gazet van Antwerpen.jpeg

Gazet van Antwerpen

"The success of Emboo River is not going unnoticed"

January 2020


The EastAfrican

"A Mara lodge has gone green"

October 2019

Timbuktu Travel partnership Emboo River.

Timbuktu Travel

Behind the scenes at Emboo River.

July 2019

Wix pic.jpeg

"Für die kenianische Emboo River Lodge ist das eine Investition in die Zukunft. Die Unterkunft liegt im Naturschutzgebiet Maasai Mara.

Für Mitbesitzerin Valery Super steht fest: „Wenn der Tourismussektor nicht auf nachhaltige

August 2022


"The carbon-neutral Emboo Camp is on of the pioneers. Situated in a forest on the Talek River, it uses a closed loop system where biogas is created from food waste, man-made lagoons filter water and electricity
is generated from solar panels."


July 2022

National Geographic Magazine cover.png

"Proudly carbon-negative, this is the first Maasai Mara camp with al all-electric fleet of safari vehicles"

June 2022

Emboo River in African Insider carbon neutral.png

“Situated within the National Reserve, Emboo River Camp is one sustainable safari lodge that’s ahead of the game."

June 2022

Emboo River in Food and Travel magazine cover

Every aspect of the carbon-negative safari – right down to your meals – honours the ecosystem.

February 2022

Emboo River in ATC news.jpeg

"partnership with Kenya’s Minister of Tourism ... to make the Maasai Mara carbon neutral"

October 2021

Nomad Magazine Emboo River feature September 2021.png

Nomad Magazine

"the Mara's first Electric Safari vehicles"

September 2021

Reuters feature Emboo River August 2021.png


"vehicles are running on sunshine"

August 2021

The Star Emboo River leading sustainable

The Star

"what the future of the safari industry must inevitably look like "

March 2021

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 4.51.49 PM.png

Travel Noire

"Their dedication to environmental conservation is unrivaled in the Maasai Mara."
January 2020

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 2.03.41 PM.png

Nomad's Hot List

"rethinking every aspect of the safari experience"

December 2019


See Africa Today

"Emboo River, Maasai Mara's Eco Lodge"

October 2019

Nomad Magazine Emboo River feature page

Nomad Magazine

"A luxurious eco lodge"

August 2019



"As if to suit their surroundings, most of those jeeps have their own growls, petrol coughing, diesel clearing its throat. But among them are a pair that stalk off silently to Emboo River camp (emboo.camp). These two are solar-powered — no noise, no fuel, no fumes — and are"
August 2022

Emboo 146.jpg

"Die breiten Reifen hieven das Geländeauto über Felsen. Durch

einen Bach rollt der SUV auf eine Herde Zebras zu. Das alles geschieht völlig lautlos. Wie Raubkatzen auf der Jagd pirschen sich die Safaritouristen mit ihren Kameras an. Möglich macht dies der Elektroantrieb, auf den nun immer"

August 2022

Tomas Bristow Cover.PNG

"Picture a place where the most incredible animals roam freely and safely. Where you can bend down in the heart a wild, untamed landscape and sun yourself by the waters of the Indian Ocean.
Well, there is no need to imagine it. This is Kenya."


July 2022

Emboo River Queens of the Maasai Mara.png

“From when we are kids, we learn to live around lions and elephants. They are around us,” 

May 2022

Emboo River Photo Studio.png

It’s tailor-made for photography enthusiasts and professional photographers alike.

April 2022

Ultra mara marathon-6 small.jpg

Emboo River & the Embassy of Belgium in Kenya participate in UltraMARAthon to raise funds and awareness on conservation

February 2022