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Thank you for your interest in Emboo River's recent press releases

1. Food journey with international Chef Glory Kabé: click here to read it

2. Sustainability in numbersclick here to read it


We created this webpage especially for you, so you can have more background information on Emboo River.
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Emboo River is the first lodge to go all in on sustainability. Through innovation and technology, Emboo River applies a unique
"Closed Loop System" and creates carbon negative safaris. 

Our unique set up allows you to travel and leave nothing but footprints behind.

Now let's break this down to some numbers.

Emboo River's Story

What better way to tell you Emboo River's story and to show you our passion, our drive to sustainability and care for our community and environment than through a video.

In case you want to learn more about our story (click here) or learn more about our sustainable operations in Emboo River's Vision Report 2022 (click here).


Photo Gallery

Would you like photos or videos to accompany your story on Emboo River? Have a look at this photo gallery: click here.

Every photo includes a description and reference to the photographer. We request you to include credits of the photographer and Emboo River when using this content.

Media Gallery

Emboo River has been featured on news channels, in magazines and other media outlets. Click here to see some of the features in more detail.

River in Nomad Magazine
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