Emboo River offers you the perfect Safari experience in the midst of nature while you can also enjoy all luxuries.

The Emboo River team does it utmost to make sure that you have a magical stay.

Here are some of the things which we have to offer.

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Enjoy delicious breakfasts on your terrace, lunches in the bush or dinners underneath the stars. We offer "Chef's Table" menus,  so you can enjoy the best dishes from our Chef & discover new flavours.

In our drive for sustainability, we have an organic vegetable garden & buy produce from the local community, when possible.

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You want to share your pictures of lions, cheetahs and zebras with your friends and family back home?

Make use of our Wi-Fi.

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Listen to the songs of the birds while you relax in our Spa, which is located in the bush.
Our Spa Treatments are inspired by the unique eco system of the Maasai Mara.
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Eco-friendly luxury

Relax in a deluxe camp in the midst of nature.


We are an eco lodge, using renewable energy sources, local products, reusing waste water and minimising our impact on nature.

We are stepping up the game with our electric safari vehicles. Get up close to the animals and enjoy the sounds of nature, without noise or fumes from vehicles.


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Swimming pool

Even our swimming pool is eco!

Our natural pool has local wetland plants which filter the water. We do not need chemicals to keep the swimming pool clean.

Jump on in!

One Community​

Emboo River works closely with the local Maasai community.

We rely on their expertise of the area, provide employment opportunities and undertake various activities in support of social and economic empowerment of our partners.