Emboo River is a proud part of the Maasai Community. This is also reflected in our name: 'emboo' is a Maasai word meaning 'a pride' of lion. While we adore and respect the pride of lion staying close to our lodge, we are also deeply grateful for being part of our Maasai Community.

When staying at Emboo River, you become a member of our pride. Feel welcome in your home away from home.



Emboo River’s daily operations are led by Owner and Manager, William Partois Santian. Being from the Maasai Community himself, William has a deep understanding of the Maasai traditions and culture.

Over the years William worked his way up from a night guard to a guide to a manager and currently to an owner of a lodge! William leads Emboo River’s team with much experience and is valued by the team as an example of how hard work and determination can make dreams come true.

Emboo River's team consists of highly motivated and talented people, who almost all come from within our own community.


Emboo River also offers indirect employment opportunities by partnering with local artisans and businesses. A few of these opportunities are listed below.

  • Furniture is locally made from gum poles grown at Emboo River’s garden.

  • Maasai women decorated Emboo River’s guest rooms and lounge area with Maasai beads.

  • Plumbers, electricians, welders, and printers are all found within the local community.

  • The construction of Emboo River’s lagoons and natural swimming pool was done by locals, who learned new skills and have since moved on to more permanent positions either with Emboo River or with the construction companies.

  • The neighbouring Maasai village receives fees from visits by Emboo River’s guests who wish to learn more about the Maasai culture.The singers and dancers of this

  • Maasai village perform at Emboo River in the evenings.