Emboo River is located in a small forest along a river bend, making it a perfect spot to unwind and feel one with nature.  Wake up to the songs of birds. Read a book under the shade of our ancient fig tree. Meditate to the sound of the river flowing by. 

Do you want to relax even further? Here are some activities which you could enjoy:

  • Emboo River’s natural swimming pool overlooks a part of the Talek river which is popular with animals who want to drink. Our swimming pool is natural, meaning that we do not need chemicals such as chlorine or salts to keep it clean. This allows us to not bring harmful toxins into the Maasai Mara. Click here to find out how our sustainable swimming pool works.

  • Listen to the songs of the birds while you relax in our Spa, which is surrounded by nature. Our Spa treatments are inspired by the unique eco system of the Maasai Mara and use local and organic ingredients. Click here to check out our Spa menu and dream about treatments with names such as 'Serene Savannah' and 'Lush Lavender'.
  • While some might enjoy being disconnected from work emails and daily news, others might prefer to regularly update friends and family back home and share pictures of lions, cheetahs and zebras. Our lounge area has Wi-Fi access.
  • Emboo River's lounge area is a perfect spot to hang, read a book, play boardgames, enjoy arts and crafts.
  • Get even more zen during a yoga and meditation sessions. We provide yoga blocks and yoga mats made from upcycled flip flops, and the serenity of nature will do the rest. Popular yoga sessions include:
    • Sun salutation: ​Watch the sun rise over the Maasai Mara, during your yoga session along the river bend. 
    • Yoga at the ancient fig treeEmboo River is home to an old and massive fig tree. This fig tree is the highest tree in the area and can be seen from afar. This intimate spot offers the perfect location for a relaxing yoga session during which you feel a spiritual connection to this old fig tree.
    • Unwind and rewild yogaIn the midst of the savannah there is a beautiful spot with flat rocks, which create perfect yoga platforms. Select your spot and watch animals stroll by during this adventurous yoga session. After your session, enjoy breakfast in the bush.

    • Sound meditation:  Every morning you hear the beautiful songs from the many birds of the Maasai Mara. Surround yourself with the sound of nature, enjoy the awareness and feel one with the earth. A Sound Meditation can add mindfulness to your experience in nature.