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Which Emboo River accommodation is your favourite?

Plan your stay in our River Rooms, River Suites or Studio.

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Emboo River offers you the perfect Safari experience in the midst of nature while you can also enjoy all luxuries. 


Located along the river bend, your room blends in perfectly with the nature around it. To make sure that you can enjoy the surroundings to the fullest, we had our rooms specially designed. Your room can open fully, so you can enjoy floor-to-ceiling views over the river. Even your rain shower has a view. 


Emboo River is not fenced, as we want animals to roam freely. You can spot hippos in the river, elephants passing by for a drink and - if you want to - you can sleep with nothing but the mosquito net and watch zebra graze next to your room at night.

It's all in the details and at Emboo River we paid special attention to the little luxuries in your room. The modern furniture was handmade from natural materials by our own team and local artisans, so you can enjoy bespoke furniture and at the same time empower the local community. Our showers, for example, are made from gumpoles from our own sustainable plantation. The room is decorated with lush fabrics and vibrant colours, so you will feel right at home.

Your en-suite bathroom has showers and taps from the luxury brand Kenny & Mason, which were personally designed for Emboo River. Your rain shower has running and warm water thanks to solar heaters. Lather up with natural bathroom products and rinse off the day.

Your terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy room service or read that book. You can finally finish reading that book as you have lights day and night. Emboo River's electricity is provided by the solar panels.

For more photos, have a look at our photo gallery.

River Suite at night.jpg

level up your stay in a
river suite


Stay in a River Suite to make your stay even more exclusive.

Emboo River has two River Suites which - on top of the comforts and views of the River Rooms - offer an extra level of luxury and privacy.


Each River Suite has a beautiful en suite bathrooms with a rain shower overlooking nature. The terrace overlooking the river is the perfect spot for sunset drinks and private dinners. 

For more photos, have a look at our photo gallery.

Emboo River Studio 4.jpg

create in emboo river's studio


Looking for a quiet space to work, create, reboot, ...? Emboo River's studio is perfect for you.

Emboo River's Studio is surrounded by trees and overlooks the river. It includes a work area, living space, balcony, bedroom and bathroom.

Emboo River's Studio offers a creative space and accommodation for photographers, writers, painters, graphic designers, digital nomads who are combining work and travel, ... and anyone else looking for extra mindfulness. 

When photographers are using the Studio, the 'Photo  Studio'  will include editing and camera equipment. Additionally, Emboo River will regularly host expert photographers who can teach and assist you on photography and editing.

For more photos, have a look at our photo gallery.

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