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WE ARE 100%



Emboo River is committed to fully rely on Solar Power.

Thanks to our high tech solar panels, we can generate green energy for lights, charging of guests' phones & even for charging our Electric Safari Vehicles. All guest rooms have power 24/7 and international chargers.


The solar panels have a capacity of 24 kilo watt and its storage has a capacity of 72 kilo watt hours, which means that the storage is fully charged as soon as the solar panels have three hours of sun exposure. The consumption of power is constantly monitored. The average consumption is 7,2 kilo watt hours per day,

plus the charging of the Electric Safari Vehicles.

Additionally, Emboo River's guests enjoy warm showers in their rooms thanks to solar heaters. Gravity lets water flow through the heaters and the sun does the rest of the work. Every heater stores 200 liters of warm water for 72 hours. Therefore, guest can even enjoy warm water on  a cloudy day.

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