It's your holiday and you set the pace. Do you feel like going for a full day game drive or you prefer to sleep in? You want to start the day with a Hot Air Balloon ride or a breakfast in the bush? Emboo River's team is there for you.


Here are some of the things which you could do at Emboo River.

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Game Drive


Jump in our safari vehicles and go for a game drive whenever you want.

Expert guides will show you the beautiful nature and wildlife of the Maasai Mara. 

Cultural Experience


Visit a Maasai Village to learn more about the local customs, history, traditions, arts and to see if your survival skills are good enough to lengthen your stay at Emboo River.
Hot Air Balloon
See the Maasai Mara wake up from the sky. During your balloon ride, you will see the sun set over the landscape and animals below you.
This exclusive experience is followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush.
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Camp fire

At the end of the day, we welcome you by our camp fire. Share stories from your game drives, listen to local tales from the Maasai community or soak in the silence of the night.  

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Sunset drinks
The Maasai Mara offers you beautiful sunsets. Enjoy the views, watch the silhouettes of giraffes crossing the plains and listen to the bedtime songs of the birds.
Maasai Games

You finished reading your book or your kids would like some entertainment?  We offer lots of Maasai inspired games & crafts at the camp. You can also go for a bush walk with a Maasai & learn about the birds and insects around us.
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River Crossing

Located on a bend of the Talek River, all rooms and common areas overlook the water. Spot hippos bathing or elephants drinking, right from your tent.

When the Great Migration of Wildebeest and Zebra passes through the Masai Mara, they cross the Talek River right next to the camp.
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Spot your favorite animals on a game drive or watch them stroll by your tent. BBC shot its "Big Cat Diaries" from our camp & the famous leopard Bella has been seen lounging in a fig tree within the camp.

The camp blends in with nature and is not fenced, to ensure that our presence at the camp does not interfere with nature. No need to worry though, as our Masai guards are always on the lookout to ensure the experience is safe.