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Watch giraffes stroll by while enjoying a meal. Hear the song of a Southern Ground Hornbill while sipping from your drink. 

Emboo River's meals are served in our lounge area along the river bend, on the terrace in front of your room or in the midst of the savanna for a bush breakfast or lunch.

Emboo River's Chefs apply a Farm to Fork concept, by using local and fresh ingredients to make sure that you enjoy delicious meals. Within the camp, Emboo River has its own hydroponic garden with bell peppers, squash, rosemary, basil, rocket salad, curly kale, and so much more. These delicious ingredients are organic which means that Emboo River’s farmers use natural products as fertilizers and to keep insects away.

Emboo River's menu includes dishes inspired by local and international cuisines
The menu is based on a ‘flexitarian’ diet, meaning that it is mainly focused on vegetable dishes and limits the number of animal based ingredients. Limiting the consumption of meat has a big positive impact on the environment, because the production of meat is paired with high use of water, deforestation and the emission of methane gas.

Do you have special food wishes? Emboo River's Chefs have been trained in many different cuisines!
Kosher meals, vegan, g
luten free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, pescatarian, extra spicy, homemade non dairy milks, spirulina and other superfoods ...  Just give us a heads up and our Chefs will prepare meals that are finger licking good.

Ready to enjoy a Kenyan tea or coffee? Emboo River's team was trained by the baristas of Spring Valley Coffee! Spring Valley Coffee provides us with the best coffee beans and assists farmers to improve their coffee production and welfare. Emboo River's teas are created by Stir Me Tea. These loose leaf teas are grown in Kenya.


PS: Matcha-lovers, we got you covered.

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