The Maasai Mara offers breathtaking sunsets. We want you to enjoy this spectacle to the fullest and therefore Emboo River offers sundowners: a delicious drink, homemade bitings and a wild spot in the savannah.

Did you know that Emboo River's bartenders were trained by one of the best bars in the world? Scarfes Bar from Londen, United Kingdom and the Emboo River team created tasty drinks which they tested and sipped and again tested and sipped until they were absolutely perfect! 

A favourite drink is our Ginon & Tumba (or G&T in short) which is made with Kenya's Procera Gin. This African Martini Gin is distilled at an elevation of 1638 metres in Nairobi with fresh green Kenyan Juniperus Procera.

As soon as the sun has set, we invite you around the camp fire. This is the perfect spot to talk about the adventures of the day, gaze at the stars and listen to the tales of the Maasai.

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