In 2019 Emboo River launched its tree planting project, which is called:


Most guests choose to participate in the project and an average of 50 trees per month are planted.

Track the progress of your tree.
Emboo River shares the coordinates and a GPS link of your tree, so you can always revisit your tree. 

For example, Mr Thibaut Gevers planted an acacia tree on the

1°24'55.1"S 35°07'26.1"E . 1.415295, 35.123921

and throughout its growth be tracked from the sky by clicking here.

Why we plant trees

To visit Emboo River and to explore the beauty of the Maasai Mara, guest need to travel via air or road.

To offset the carbon dioxide emissions created by this transport, Emboo River started a Tree Planting project where guests can plant two trees to compensate for the impact of their travel. The trees planted are indigenous and are known for absorbing carbon. On top of this ‘carbon farming’, Emboo River also plants indigenous trees for the purpose of reforestation.


How many trees you need

Every guest can plant two trees to offset the carbon from your travel between Nairobi and Emboo River.


How do we do our calculations?

A return flight between Nairobi and Maasai Mara takes two hours and covers 359 kilometers. The carbon dioxide emission for this return flight in a Cesna 280 aircraft with an average of six passengers per flight is 100 kilos of carbon dioxide per passenger. On the DeHavilland Twin Otter 300 aircraft this would be 310 kilos of carbon dioxide per passenger.

A return drive between Nairobi and Maasai Mara covers 606 kilometers. The standard four wheel drive vehicle emits an average of 350 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.  With an average of two passengers per vehicle that is 106 kilos of carbon dioxide emission per passenger.

A tree can absorb around 22 kilos of carbon dioxide per year and over a medium lifetime of 10 years a tree absorbs around 220 kilos.

Air: 310 kilos / 220 kilos = 1,4 trees that need to be planted. Emboo River rounded this up to two trees per guest.

Road: 106 kilos / 220 kilos = 0,5 trees that need to be planted. Emboo River rounded this up to one tree per guest.

Emboo River Trees